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Accurate Traffic Data to Reinvent the Shopper Experience

The shopper journey and retail landscape are continually evolving. ShopperTrak brings digital shopper analytics into the store to help optimize the shopper experience.

Big data in retail is being used to shape the customer experience by making shopping easier, more convenient and more interesting. Sensormatic ShopperTrak solutions collect and deliver data that retailers can easily convert into meaningful insights and actionable outcomes.

From people counting devices at store entrances to location-based technologies monitoring shopper movement, ShopperTrak solutions can build a comprehensive picture of the shopper journey and customer behavior in your stores and shopping centers. We have a technology-agnostic approach using video analytics, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, BLE Beacons, and more to help understand what is happening inside your unique retail space. This new level of visibility reveals traffic analytics that enable you to quickly find and react to opportunities, driving sales and profitability.

Comprehensive insights delivered via intuitive dashboards or customized reports including peak traffic times, traffic patterns, and many other key store operation metrics.

Global insights and analytics based on over 40 billion shopper visits annually.

A dedicated team that helps retailers understand the actions that will drive the greatest impacts.

Retail Analytics

The ShopperTrak Analytics Suite funnels data from multiple sources, arming retailers with the information they need to run their businesses more effectively. ShopperTrak’s retail analytics technology is easy to use and offers clear answers. It can be deployed across an entire business and made visible to employees at every level, while senior members of staff can view the results applicable to them through an online dashboard tailored to their needs.

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The Benefit of Benchmarks

Imagine understanding how your in-store traffic compares to similar businesses. ShopperTrak Market Intelligence arms retailers with people-counting insights to benchmark performance of a group of stores against the rest of the market by geography or sub-vertical and understand the performance of your stores at the city, region or country level.

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Counting Visitors

It is difficult to manage what you can’t measure. Without a reliable and accurate data source to help you understand traffic, you are just guessing how many visitors enter and exit your space each day. From small, temporary kiosks all the way up to large malls and entertainment venues, ShopperTrak provides people counting solutions with up to 98% accuracy to help improve the shopper experience.

We count visitors using traffic counting devices at entrances and throughout the store to deliver deep and accurate insights on consumer behaviors in physical spaces. Our traffic counting solutions supply visibility into your best opportunities for traffic, when sales occur and how well you perform during these critical times. By integrating traffic, sales and labor data into your analysis, you can better understand how effectively you are converting customers, whether you have the labor coverage needed for success, and make smart marketing and real estate decisions.

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Accurate in-store data to reinvent the shopper experience

Understanding the shopper journey is a key element of overall shopper behavior. Our Shopper Journey solution leverages people counting devices, Wi-Fi, mobile and video technology to better understand shopper behavior and to get a more holistic view of in-store insights through a single platform.

Explore our Shopper Journey solution.

Solutions for Shopping Centers

The right data can help shopping center owners improve efficiency, optimize operations, and increase profits. The traffic counting solution for shopping centers helps empower property owners, managers, and other business end users with access to reliable, accurate shopper traffic metrics. ShopperTrak real-time analytics lets property managers visualize and understand traffic patterns at the busiest areas and times. By leveraging advanced people-counting technology, data-driven insights help further optimize a shopping center’s performance. This includes visibility into new leasing models, operational efficiencies, asset management, and marketing campaign effectiveness.

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