Real-time insights through artificial intelligence and machine learning modeling

VisionWorks is a cutting-edge collection of video-based analytic agents designed to deliver retail operational insights. Vision Agents are created from industry-standard machine learning (ML) models in partnership with Intel and optimized for retail using Sensormatic’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

Each Vision Agent is tasked with a specific function and uses streaming video to provide insights into a retail use case. The agents can be easily deployed and leverage existing cameras and a Smart Hub appliance.

Provides real-time data through AI and ML modeling, helping you make more informed decisions.
A one-stop, consolidated dashboard puts key Vision Agent analytics right at your fingertips.
Quickly add, remove or modify agents to keep pace with changing business needs; new Vision Agents are continuously being developed.

Vision Agents

Occupancy Vision Agent

The Occupancy Agent helps you comply with public health directives on occupancy, without allocating additional staff resources. Utilizing dedicated camera feeds, this agent features a live occupancy tracker to help ensure store occupancy does not exceed retailer-configured limits. The dashboard also provides information on other key indicators, such as time of last entrance. The Occupancy Agent becomes customer-facing when combined with digital signage, helping to alleviate customer anxieties when entering a store.

screenshot of visionworks occupancy dashboard
screenshot of visionworks queue dashboard

Line Queue/Social Distancing Vision Agent

These agents help monitor queuing areas to determine the number of people currently waiting in line, as well as the hourly average. An alert is triggered when the number of people waiting exceeds a set threshold; each queue can have its own individual threshold. These agents also help ensure shoppers are maintaining appropriate distance from one another based on retailer-defined parameters. Alerts are pushed when a violation is detected.

Mask Detection Vision Agents

As localities continue to enforce the use of facial coverings in public areas, these agents can help you ensure the safety of shoppers and employees. Mask Detection Agents utilize store video feeds to detect use of facial masks within a pre-determined area of the store. The dashboard provides the number of violations as well as the location of the violation.

screenshot of visionworks masks dashboard
screenshot of visionworks audience dashboard

Audience Measurement Vision Agent

The Audience Measurement Agent helps determine the type of customers that enter the store by giving insights into their demographics and approximate mood. Analytics are gathered by anonymously categorizing customers that linger in an assigned camera’s field of view for an extended period of time, aggregating data on gender, relative age, gaze direction and audience sentiment. You can use this data to help better identify store demographics and marketing opportunities.

Traffic Vision Agents

Traffic Agents provide insights on traffic patterns and help you observe the path-to-purchase of people within the store. Retailers can learn more about shopper behavior through data provided on dwell time, lateral customer movement, customer directionality and average traffic counts.

screenshot of visionworks traffic dashboard
visionworks occupancy screen

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