Partnerships & Alliances

Relationships Formed Worldwide with Respected Technology Providers and Market Experts

Sensormatic Solutions’ strategic partnerships and alliances provide retailers with a global ecosystem of innovative solutions that help drive enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Read more about our partnerships and how we’re working together to fast-forward retail.

Sensormatic IQ Partnerships


As the foundation of Sensormatic IQ, the Google Cloud platform helps Sensormatic Solutions deliver improved shopper experiences and retail outcomes that can keep up with the rapidly evolving industry. Google Cloud offers Sensormatic Solutions and its retail customers the most open source capabilities to integrate the full Sensormatic Solutions portfolio, retailer and third-party data sources. As a result of this collaboration, Sensormatic IQ provides the flexibility and scalability retailers need to make prescriptive, data-driven decisions about operations from headquarters to the individual store-level. Together, Google and Sensormatic IQ help give retailers the tools to connect people, merchandise and data.

Learn more about our partnership with Google here.
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A key partner in powering Sensormatic IQ, Intel is helping Sensormatic Solutions enable retailers to gain real-time insights into inventory, shoppers, associates and the retail environment. Through deep combined knowledge of the retail industry with joint investments and developments in scalable, artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision-based solutions — including the Sensormatic Smart Hub — Sensormatic Solutions and Intel are help deliver improved shopper experiences and retail outcomes for customers.

Learn more about our partnership with Intel here. Read more about how Intel and Sensormatic Solutions are harnessing data to transform the shopping experience.
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Johnson Controls OpenBlue digital platform converts data into powerful and actionable insights to help drive positive business and building outcomes. When our retail customers connect OpenBlue’s environmental data, like HVAC and security information, to the rest of their store operational data through Sensormatic IQ, they can proactively optimize business operations to create long-term success.

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As one of the leaders in location data analytics, Unacast helps empower businesses across industries to make informed decisions. Sensormatic IQ advanced shopper insights integrate with Unacast’s mobility data to provide retailers with enriched, shopper demographic information. This unique partnership provides enhanced awareness on how far shoppers are traveling, where they stopped before your location and where they go after. The integration helps retailers plan in-store layouts, including personalized advertising and specific merchandise configuration, based on their shoppers’ everyday actions. The result is richer, more rewarding customer experiences.

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Through our partnership with Dell, Sensormatic Solutions can expand its broad suite of solutions even further to deliver the latest in retail technology to customers. Dell provides Sensormatic IQ Edge devices that aggregate, secure and analyze data from sensors, unlocking greater insights to advance business outcomes.

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As the producer of the latest Sensormatic-branded AI cameras, Ability provides retailers with advanced security and fraud prevention. These easy-to-implement cameras use AI, machine learning and computer vision for single-use cases like flow management. They can also be integrated with Edge Architecture to provide a holistic solution.

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Sensormatic IQ leverages PENN Connected to help monitor and optimize usage of refrigeration, air flow and temperature control equipment across all locations through the cloud. Connected IoT sensors in the equipment provide one solution onsite and across the enterprise. Through this partnership, our retail customers are empowered to drive energy, labor and maintenance efficiency while ensuring safety regulations are met.

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Integrating VSBLTY’s ground-breaking machine learning software technology with Sensormatic IQ’s broad portfolio of retail solutions provides retailers with enriched, actionable shopper demographic information. This integration delivers tangible results by boosting in-store sales through demonstrated concepts such as the delivery of context-sensitive, targeted advertising and promotional video content throughout the store.

Learn more about our partnership with VSBLTY here.
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Impinj leverages RAIN radio frequency identification (RFID) to help wirelessly connect billions of consumer products delivering timely information about these items, including their unique identity, location and authenticity, to the digital world. Sensormatic IQ connects with Impinj RFID data for tighter integration and deeper insights, complementing Sensormatic Solutions RFID solutions for a comprehensive data solution.

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Additional Strategic Alliances & Technology Partnerships

Avery Dennison

As the world’s largest UHF RFID tag provider, Avery Dennison brings advanced efficiency, reliability, and accuracy to customers’ global supply chains with its industry-leading solutions and technologies. When businesses work with Avery Dennison, they get a partner with a deep understanding of what it takes to make each and every RFID application successful. Along with access to experienced engineering and technical resources, advanced research and testing capabilities and field-proven inlay products. Sensormatic Solutions and Avery Dennison partner to deliver unified inventory intelligence solutions and program delivery services to our customers. Through this collaboration, our customers have access to Avery Dennison’s network of service bureaus, in-plant printing solutions and fast, streamlined, flexible service.

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Zebra Technologies

Our partnership with Zebra Technologies makes businesses as smart and connected as the world we live in. The Zebra suite of industry-leading RFID solutions helps customers track and provide visibility to transform the physical to digital, creating the data streams and prescriptive insights enterprises need to simplify operations, know more about their businesses and empower their mobile workforces.

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Industry and Academic Partnerships

Auburn University RFID Lab

As a sponsor of the Auburn University's RFID Lab, Sensormatic Solutions is proud to invest in innovation. The Auburn University RFID lab specializes in the business case and technical implementation of RFID technology and other emerging technologies across retail, supply chain and manufacturing settings. The 13,000-square foot facility offers simulated retail, grocery, and convenience store space, as well as warehouse and distribution center environments. The Auburn University RFID Lab established the first RFID "tagged item certification program" to assist retail product manufacturers.

Auburn University


Sensormatic Solutions is a trusted partner with GS1 US, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong and Australia. All are members of the global information standards organization GS1®, bringing industry communities together to solve supply-chain problems through the adoption and implementation of GS1 Standards. Nearly 300,000 businesses across 25 industries rely on GS1 US for trading-partner collaboration and for maximizing the cost effectiveness, speed, visibility, security, and sustainability of their business processes. GS1 US also manages the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®).

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Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC)

Sensormatic Solutions is honored to be an Executive Partner of the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC). This partnership supports the Retail Next Research Centers of Excellence goals for advancements in retail shopper experiences. The LPRC was founded in 2001 by 10 major retail chains to support evidence-based needs of loss prevention decision-makers. To date, in collaboration with the University of Florida, the LPRC has conducted over 90 research projects for retailers and partners that include large scale field experiments to provide ROI data, development of statistical models for shortage reduction, supply chain, and violent crime research and development, as well as employee deviance and shoplifting dynamics.

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RAIN Alliance

Sensormatic Solutions is a member of the RAIN Alliance, part of AIM Inc. who promote the universal adoption of RFID technology across numerous global markets. RAIN RFID is a wireless technology that connects billions of everyday items to the internet, enabling businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate and engage individual items.

RAIN Alliance