Retail Security Products

Sensormatic has partnered with MTI to provide product protection for in-store displayed high value electronics such as mobile devices, smartphones, electronics and cameras.

This unique line of products facilitates interactive customer experiences, and helps make the in-store demo process as authentic as possible. These stylish products enable retailers to safeguard their most valuable merchandise, minimize shrink, and blend in with store display concepts. MTI’s retail security products are simple to install and use out of the box while its modular design reduces repair and maintenance.

hand opening mti versa key lock
  • Theft Resistant

    Available in tiered levels of security to address the range of attempt intensity and tools used

  • Customer Experience

    Products on display are present, powered and ready for demo helping to make the user experience as authentic as possible

  • Merchandising Convenience

    Offers a fast and simple process to merchandise latest devices, and easily accommodates needed planogram adjustments

Retail Security Products

mti freedom focus mirrorless

Freedom Focus™

It is the only system that allows retailers to quickly merchandise all camera styles, sizes, and form factors. Its design reduces costs and improves the presentation, safety, and ease of use.

  • Simply, quickly, and uniformly merchandise all cameras, even off-center mounts, and large lenses.
  • Standardized USB charging reduces the need for custom parts.
  • Gain greater visibility when IoT enabled is activated, giving you critical intel on planogram compliance and device health remotely.
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mti freedom micro ii

Freedom Micro® II HS

This brand-elevating, modular display offers armored security and dynamic IoT connectivity readiness that is thoroughly tested to stand up to the most aggressive theft attempts seen with today's high-value smartphones.

  • Built to withstand smash and grab theft with more than 700 lbs. (320 kg) pull strength.
  • Keep your products secure with no adhesive to remove, no loose parts, and no custom brackets.
  • Swap to a new phone in under 30 seconds saving employee time.
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mti versa key

MTI Locks™

The innovative RFID locks for drawers and doors are IoT-enabled to simplify store operations while stopping theft. Empower your employees to stay focused on the customer experience while keeping up with retail's fast pace.

  • MTI Locks can be retrofitted for cabinets, drawers, and cases.
  • Self-locking defaults automatically secure inventory— even when employees don't.
  • An audible alert is triggered when drawers and doors are kept opened.
  • MTI Locks provide long life and easy battery replacement with more than one year of operation.
  • Administrators replace the authorization key without re-programming the activated user keys.
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