Source Tagging

Ensure Your Merchandise is Protected at the Source and Arrives Ready for Your Sales Floor

Source tagging helps retailers sell more and lose less, while enabling staff to better serve shoppers.

Backed by over 50 years of innovation and quality, Sensormatic developed a comprehensive portfolio of source tagging solutions that help protect some of the hardest to tag product categories including electronics, hard goods, apparel, cosmetics, and health and beauty. With source tagging, items arrive to the store already protected with Sensormatic anti-theft sensors to help get them on the sales floor faster, enable secure open merchandising and increase throughput at the point-of-sale — all leading to a better customer experience. Our source tagging solutions span AM and RF technologies and can integrate seamlessly into existing supplier and retailer operations.

Source tagging enables secure display of open merchandising, creating an enhanced retail experience for shoppers.

Merchandise arrives sales floor ready—no time or effort required to apply tags for you and your staff.

Reduce theft in your store from internal sources, shoplifting and Organized Retail Crimes groups.

With 55 years of source tagging experience, we are your single source for turn-key merchandise protection solutions.

Source tagged sunscreen in health and beauty

Sensormatic provides you with dedicated professionals on two levels—a global team delivering expertise in retail, manufacturing, packaging and labeling, and a local team experienced in source tagging to support and service retailers, packagers and manufacturers. Additionally, we offer a network of VAR (Value Added Reseller) partners for a wide variety of custom tagging options.

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We commit to meeting your source tagging needs by offering an unmatched range of solutions, with innovative technologies that include AM and RF, and come in an array of sensor formats—including labels, sewn-in, recirculating hard tags and custom solutions—designed to protect all kinds of hard-to-tag merchandise.

Global Scale

Genuine Sensormatic source tagging programs have effectively protected billions of items over the past decade. Our global network of ISO-certified manufacturing facilities and recirculating centers help you minimize duties, freight, taxes and shipping times for effective and efficient source tagging.
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Range of Options

From perfumes to wines and spirits to high-end luxury apparel, Sensormatic source tagging solutions are versatile enough to protect a remarkably wide range of retail products. Our solutions are designed for operational efficiency and are particularly effective in discreetly protecting hard-to-tag products like nails/screws, saws, cosmetics and other hard goods, all while maintaining the product and package design.

Working with Manufacturers

Source tagging increases sales opportunities both for manufacturers and retailers, delivering a high ROI by allowing for greater product revenue and more efficient and accurate inventory reordering. For manufacturers, it improves brand visibility and recognition and minimizes impact on product packaging.

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Here are some of the competitive advantages manufacturers will enjoy:

Floor-Ready Merchandise

With no additional security applications needed, merchandise goes faster to the retail floor, leading to quicker sales transactions.

Pristine Product Appearance

Integrated source tagging means there’s no EAS label detracting from your packaging or covering important product information.

Minimized Out-of-Stocks

With fewer out-of-stocks due to theft, reordering is more frequent and accurate, helping lead to increased sales for the manufacturer.

Sustainable Practices

We help manufacturers explore practices that are environmentally sustainable, including using smaller, more recyclable packaging.

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Consulting & Professional Services

We consult with retailers and suppliers to learn their operational needs, capabilities and goals to build the best program for them. Our Sensormatic Authorized Certification Centers test tagging approaches and recommend optimal tagging locations for manufacturers and packaging companies, providing specific tagging instructions and ensuring labels provide optimum performance with retail EAS detection systems and POS deactivators.

Shrink Analytics & Audits

Gain insights into your source tagging program with our data-driven approach, to pinpoint items to protect and to ensure tagging compliance.

Results & Recommendations.
Receive recommendations for protecting your most vulnerable SKUs, product categories and brands.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
Leverage data-driven results to track and measure program progress and effectiveness.

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Learn more about the ways our source tagging solutions give you a competitive advantage.

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Merchandise Types

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