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The low-profile, high-performance Sensormatic Synergy Camera provides clear, high-definition video recordings or snapshots of loss event as they occur at the storefront. Mounted to a compatible pedestal, the camera automatically captures, stores, and transmits visual notifications when alarms are detected, such as jammer and metal-foil detection, blocked sensors, deactivator offline, power save on or off, tags-too-close and alarm count.

  • Mounts on pedestal for a direct line of sight into real-time alarm events
  • Enables easy identification of unique loss events with alarm time stamp
  • Improves real-time response to shrinkage control
  • Delivers HD quality images of potential theft events in real time to improve associate response times
  • Loss events captured through the camera can be used for post-event forensic evidence with law enforcement

    Camera Enclosure
    Length: 9.6cm (3.8in)
    Width: 3.5cm (1.4in)
    Height: 5.1cm (2.0in)
    Camera + Enclosure + Raceway
    Weight: 717g (1.58lbs)
    Color: Cool Gray, Charcoal

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