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The Local Device Manager II (LDM II) is a powerful tool used to drive store-front EAS compliance. This device controls up to 124 (31 per port) connected Sensormatic EAS and Traffic hardware devices within the store environment. It aggregates alarm and traffic counts, Metal-Foil Detection and Jammer events for insight into equipment issues to help ensure all systems are working properly. The LDM II ensures connected Sensormatic EAS and Traffic Intelligence investments are optimized by monitoring equipment functionality and use, and by helping manage ongoing equipment maintenance and service. EAS Reporting Analytics process the data from the LDM II into a user-friendly, customizable report format to analyze and address abnormal alarm and event trends to reduce shrink, monitor device health and help increase store efficiency and profitability.

  • Identifies and tracks shrink and failure-to-deactivate challenges
  • Helps optimize staffing based on customer traffic
  • Determines store conversion rates by comparing traffic volume to actual sales
  • Assists in analyzing promotion and marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Reduces power consumption of EAS system components when leveraging the Power-on-Demand feature
  • Provides remote set-up, firmware updates and problem diagnosis of connected EAS systems


    • Length: 21.59cm (8.5in)
    • Width: 11.18cm (4.4in)
    • Height: 3.56cm (1.4in)


    • 0.45kg (1lb)

    Regulatory Compliance: 
    This product is in conformity with RoHS II Directive 2011/65/EU and REACH Substances of Very High Concern as defined in Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and subsequent amendments to both.

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