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Flexible Safers are a reusable and transparent way to promote open-merchandising while securing items that cannot be protected by safers, alarming wraps or hard tags. It is available in AM Ferrite or RF technology and constructed from three clear, strong and lightweight plastics to form a strong, yet flexible, composite product. Flexible Safers are also extremely easy to use and available in various magnetic strengths to work with the full line of Sensormatic magnetic detachers.

  • Constructed from PET, Polyethylene (PE) and nylon materials to form a strong, yet flexible, product
  • Slim design helps maximize retail selling space for increased sales
  • Easy application and removal helps improve store operations
  • Available in 3 sizes and 2 technologies for an adaptable solution
  • Reusable design helps maximize your Return on Investment (ROI)

Solution Applications

Small Bag
SD Cards, Razor Blades, Cosmetics, Ear Buds, Batteries, Boxed Apparel

Medium Bag
Printer Ink Cartridges, Cosmetic Moisturizer, Baby Formula, Perfumes

Large Bag
HDMI Cables, Stereo Headphones, Game Controllers, Health & Beauty


    AM: Small O indicator under the word “Alarm”
    RF: No indicator under the word “Alarm”



    Small Bag
    Height: 208mm (8.19in)
    Width: 200mm (7.87in)

    Medium Bag
    Height: 260mm (10.24in)
    Width: 250mm (9.84in)

    Large Bag
    Height: 338mm (13.3in)
    Width: 325mm (13.85in)

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