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What Users Want: Top 6 Most Valuable Features of a Business Intelligence System

October 17, 2016 ByStaff



Ever wonder what the people who actually use business intelligence systems everyday really think? We have.

As unabashed producers of BI systems, ShopperTrak understands that creating a user-friendly system that decided to take stock of what real users of real business intelligence systems truly think of the products they use everyday.

In order to gain insight into what product features users value and, therefore, correlate with high customer satisfaction, we parsed hundreds of online system reviews and customer comments. Throughout this process, we distilled common themes and analyzed our findings to uncover the most prevalent factors that contribute to customer satisfaction.

Generally speaking, we discovered that a strong system is simple, visual, reachable, and fully supported. However, our analysis revealed six specific factors that correlated overwhelmingly positive user experiences:

1. Operational Ease

The brevity of the learning curve of a BI system has a strong correlation with its customer satisfaction. Features such as data integration from multiple sources, intuitive interfaces that quickly auto-generate and build dashboards, and customizable infographics are all highly praised by users.

Users also stress the importance of having a system that rely on advanced user technical knowledge in order to be leveraged cross-functionally. BI systems that can display information in a simple and intuitive format are highly praised.

2. Aesthetically pleasing

BI systems are highly regarded based on their ability to attractively display data in multiple variations. The majority of positive comments on BI systems reflect the system’s ability to display data in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Reviewers also frequently express their appreciation for systems that are highly interactive and customizable. Systems with multiple filters that allow for data granulation and customization are valuable to a company’s overall use of the system.

3. Cross-functional Utility

The collaborative environment that the system creates is vital to its success. Customers strongly value BI systems that have multi-user capabilities and allow specialized access based on employee classification. These features enable conversation amongst relevant users and allow key players to constantly access insights. With these features, customers have found that BI systems greatly influence organization collaboration and majorly improve overall company intelligence.

4. Allow multiple forms of access

Multiple forms of access allow consumers to be constantly connected to the information that the system is housing. Whether that connection be through a PC, tablet, mobile device, or laptop, strong BI systems offer access to dashboards from any location that provides internet connection. Mobile applications are specifically desired by users because they enhance access to information through push notifications. Various routes of access to the system and its information allots for a stronger comprehensive system.

5. Provide customer support

BI system users frequently mention the importance of having a system that is strongly supported by the supplier. A reliable vendor discovers system discrepancies, quickly notifies the consumer about the issue, and provides reserve solutions during a time of equipment malfunction. Consumers expect vendors to recognize inefficiencies and provide upgrades that correct system issues. High quality vendors are able to anticipate and adapt to the needs of the customer.

6. Assistance with data interpretation

Customer service that is provided by the BI system vendor is extremely valuable to the success of a company’s use of the system. Customer service for BI systems consist of assistance in data analysis, data interpretation, and adjustments that are based on past performance. Consumer comments also reveal that those who have had access to online interactive training classes and system demonstrations are significantly happier with the product than those who have not received any training.


Before committing to a BI system, a company should thoroughly evaluate the overall goal of its use of the system. The company can then determine the specific system features that it needs for success. Within that realm of options, these six factors can be evaluated in each system to identify the strongest BI system for the company. To learn how ShopperTrak incorporates these six factors into its system, read more about the products, customer engagement, and professional services that ShopperTrak offers.


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