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April 20, 2022 BySensormatic News Desk


With technology advancing at an impressive pace, it can be challenging for retailers – or any organization – to keep up and accurately assess which emerging solutions will make a meaningful impact in both the short and long-term. Retailers who want to succeed in the modern market sometimes struggle to balance staying at the forefront of technology with avoiding operational interruptions. As a leader in the retail technology sector, Sensormatic Solutions is built on offering clients the solutions they need to streamline their digital transformation journeys without compromising shopper experiences.

As artificial intelligence (AI) takes center stage as the next frontier in business technology, we continue to deliver on that mission. We’re excited to share that Sensormatic Solutions AI computer vision capabilities earned the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award in the Computer Vision, Theory of Mind category.

This honor is awarded to a single product or service, or line of products or services, launched or updated in the last 12 months. Winners in the Theory of Mind category use visual information collected by a computer to inform AI that interprets the world, including people, and understands that humans and things can alter feelings and behaviors.

Sensormatic AI Solutions: Streamlined, Intelligent, Impactful

Sensormatic AI solutions are created in partnership with Intel and leverage proprietary AI algorithms within our intelligent operating platform, Sensormatic IQ, to expand retailers’ access to computer vision-based solutions. Development of our AI capabilities is approached with the foundational pillars of retail in mind: driving sales, reducing risk, optimizing labor and enhancing the shopper experience.

Sensormatic AI Solutions are positioned to transform the customer experience from the moment shoppers enter the door by helping to solve many of retailer’s current challenges, including:

  • Strengthen loss prevention and safety measures, answering the questions: “How can I ensure shopper safety when there are few employees on site?,” “When should I staff to best mitigate risk?,” and “How can I predict potential theft risks with accuracy?”
  • Enhanced shopper and demographic insights which answer questions like “Who is my customer?,” “How do they shop the store?,” and “How do I get them to focus on specific products or displays?”
  • Labor optimization methods which answer questions like “How do I make sure shoppers are engaged and welcomed?,” and “How do I make sure my employees are in the right place at the right time?”

The modularized architecture behind Sensormatic AI solutions enables plug-and-play of use case-specific capabilities to adapt to the ever-changing needs of retailers. Based on set requirements and KPIs driven by retailers’ priorities, these cognitive skills can be applied in combinations to “power multiply” the effect of the applications they deliver in the most efficient and impactful ways.

Artificial Intelligence Offering Measurable Solutions

Sensormatic AI Solutions helps retailers maintain safe and productive environments by performing simple tasks like counting customers and limiting occupancy, or more difficult tasks like ensuring shelves are properly stocked and making sure employees are available for customer engagement. As these needs evolve, additional capabilities that can be activated include:

  • Providing real time notifications about unauthorized entry, visual shelf sweep, and out-of-stock items. Further innovation could provide alerts about associate safety and weapon detection.
  • Detecting and alerting when high value items are selected from a shelf or display.
  • Determining the age, demographics and mood of shoppers viewing specific products.
  • Predicting regional traffic by time of day and day of week with insights into shopper traffic patterns, path to purchase and dwell time.
  • Helping to spot and mitigate unauthorized parked vehicles, noticing indivduals who are loitering in specific areas, and capturing slip and fall activities.

AI can also assist in more difficult tasks like detecting and mitigating high-risk or theft behaviors like concealing product on the salesfloor, entering unauthorized areas, or alerting when large, organized groups are approaching the store at a high rate of speed.

The Sensormatic Solutions AI/Machine Learning (ML) Center of Excellence, in collaboration with global retailers who provided feedback, designed these offerings to solve specific retail challenges. Our experienced data scientists iterative testing and development approach uses advanced AI algorithms and novel perspectives to develop, test, and deploy computer vision solutions at scale. In fact, Sensormatic Solutions computer vision analytics offerrings proved, in live retail environments, to be exceeding accuracy measurements of 97.8% detecting shopper traffic and occupancy skillsets, and 95% or higher in areas such as observation of audience demographics.

The computer vision capabilities empower retailers to achieve their goals by producing powerful insights that can be integrated with other data streams. The resulting predictive trend reporting can further define probabilities or design “what-if” scenarios by adjusting configurable inputs to make insight-driven business changes.

Sensormatic AI Solutions uses a partnered approach to develop real world solutions to Retailers’ most top of mind challenges.


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