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February 17, 2022 BySensormatic News Desk


Over the past two years, enterprises around the world had to reimagine their business practices on a dime to meet ever-changing safety challenges. As the world shut down, retailers and their employees remained steadfast in their mission to ensure the public had access to the critical items needed to weather the storm. Integral to this shift were innovative technology solutions that enabled retailers to adjust their operations to keep the doors open despite the raging pandemic, a labor shortage, and ongoing supply chain delays. Throughout this tumultuous time, innovation and collaboration proved to be the beating heart of the retail industry.

Sensormatic Solutions has long been a leader in innovative retail technology. Our real-time impact, future-focused expertise, unique data, and actionable insights have made us a trusted partner of retailers for decades. Throughout the challenges of the pandemic, we’ve remained committed to our mission of creating innovative solutions that meet retailers’ needs, and you don’t have to take us at our word. We’re honored to share that our intelligent operating platform —Sensormatic IQ—has been named one of Business Intelligence Group (BIG) Innovation Awards’ Products of the Year.

This distinction is awarded by a select group of business leaders and executives to solutions launched or updated within the last year whose innovative approach has positively disrupted its market or customers.

Sensormatic IQ: Evergreen Innovation

Sensormatic IQ continues our legacy by moving the retail industry toward a more sustainable and precise future. It is designed to facilitate digital transformations for retailers across the industry by leveraging the wealth of data available to modern retail operations. Sensormatic IQ’s open, secure, and agile platform integrates Sensormatic Solutions, retailer, and third-party data sources for unparalleled visibility into loss prevention, inventory intelligence, shopper experience, and operational effectiveness.

Since its launch in 2021, Sensormatic IQ has delivered predictive and prescriptive insights from over 40 billion shopper visits and improved operations by offering customers access to:

  • Accelerated integration between new and existing solutions, systems, and data sets to enable streamlined digital transformations.
  • Outcomes-based insights from complex data streams.
  • Agile solutions facilitated by a secure, scalable, enterprise-grade intelligent operating core.
  • Access to best-in-class technology and a vast, industry-leading partner portfolio.

We built Sensormatic IQ by listening to consumers’ and retailers’ desires to streamline their retail experiences across channels and departments while modernizing locations with an eye toward sustainability. Sensormatic IQ’s insights guide store operations and meet customer needs and business demands by leveraging existing investments to provide unique data sets.

Looking Ahead

While the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic appear to be behind us, the need for retail innovation will never pass. There will always been challenges that need solving, and Sensormatic Solutions intends to be there to help solve them. The depth of our source data is best-in-class and drives more precise, accurate predictions to makes new ways of shopping a reality. Whatever the future brings, we’ll continue to invest in innovative, disruptive technologies that help retailers and brands evolve.

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