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Ardene: Fast-Fashion Destination

Sets the trend with innovative loss prevention technologies


Founded in 1982, Ardene is a family-owned Canadian fast-fashion retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. The company started as an accessory and jewelry retailer, and today they’re on a whole new level, featuring a vast assortment of clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry, activewear, intimates, and more.

With over 30 years as a highly recognizable fast fashion brand with a reputation for operational excellence in the Canadian market, Ardene has started to expand internationally, both in the U.S. and abroad. The company now has over 400 stores nationwide and occupies over two million square feet of retail space.

Ardene’s mission is to create a one-stop shopping destination with a continuous commitment to fashion, value and innovation. They’re inspired by the ever-changing world of their customers, social media, pop culture, fashion, and beauty. Ardene believes fashion shouldn’t be exclusive or intimidating; it should be celebrated with youthful confidence and fearless enthusiasm, inspiring girls and empowering them to be unique and individual.


Ardene’s expansion, paired with a large volume of merchandise and the fast turn of their apparel inventory, made shrink control a challenge. Ardene was looking for innovative ways to help reduce loss, improve store operations and enhance the shopper environment. To do this, they needed retail technology to help protect their assets, while ensuring a frictionless shopping environment within their stores. In 2015, Ardene started with Electric Article Surveillance (EAS) systems in their stores. They began to learn quickly that “one size does not fit all,” and as their store formats and locations changed, so did the needs for loss prevention (LP) solutions. Some solutions are more appropriate than others for different configurations and environments.

In 2017, Ardene opened a new type of store, with larger mall exits which created new challenges to help control shrink, as wide exits allowed more shopper traffic to flow in and out of stores, testing the effectiveness of the storefront solution capabilities. Additionally, some malls didn’t allow LP pedestals, which presented another hurdle and a need to identify other effective solutions. As Ardene grew, so did their need for LP solution options. They were in need of various solutions to provide consistent, innovative shrink control for their 400 diverse store configurations and shopping mall regulations – ideally from a single solution provider.

With a vision to be the fashion value leader in Canada and worldwide, Ardene’s exclusive collections include clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry, activewear, intimates, and more, sold in 400+ stores and online at


To fulfill their varied requirements, Arden turned to Sensormatic Solutions and first installed EAS systems in their stores for merchandise protection. Ardene implemented source tagging and storefront detection systems for additional loss prevention and for improved cost and shrink control measures. Leveraging the wide range of Sensormatic Solutions’ connected, scalable technologies and strategic insights, Ardene was able to have connected loss prevention solutions suitable to meet the unique needs of their various store locations and configurations, as well as meeting mall compliance when pedestals were restricted.

For the majority of its stores, Ardene selected Sensormatic’s Synergy solution. Synergy seamlessly integrates different technologies including Acousto Magnetic (AM), RFID, Video and Infrared sensors, bringing together critical and actionable data for predictive real-time shrink analytics that will help enhance Ardene’s loss prevention efforts now and in the future. For stores located within malls restricting pedestals, Ardene selected the Sensormatic RFID Overhead EAS System, providing wide exit coverage and merchandise protection while invisible at the store entrance. Designed to be installed above a store entry, it takes up no floor space and offers a discreet alternative to traditional EAS floor systems, allowing stores to meet mall compliance where applicable.

For stores with large mall exits, Ardene chose the Sensormatic Floor-Max AM system, which was a perfect EAS detection option for the store’s wide exits to maximize customer flow and optimize merchandising floor space. The system’s hidden antennas provide invisible, yet effective, anti-theft protection for wide exits or open architecture requirements. These solutions were also able to provide actionable insights similar to those gathered by the Synergy solution in the majority of the Ardene stores.


Ardene engaged with Sensormatic, as their LP partner, for a complete rollout of various Sensormatic loss prevention solutions in three phases over a three-year period. By having the flexibility with installation formats and technology solutions, Ardene will be able to gather actionable, timely shrink insights and improve merchandise protection regardless of store layout. The assortment of Sensormatic best-in-class solutions and professional services will help reduce shrink and labor costs, and protect inventory – all while supporting Ardene’s ability to grow and scale in new markets and reach new customers. Ardene is taking loss prevention to another level by leveraging connected, innovative technologies to meet their unique needs and provide a frictionless shopping environment.

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