7-Eleven Enhances Security and Store Operations 24/7 with a Big Gulp® of Breakthrough Technology


Founded in 1927, 7-Eleven, Inc. is the premier name and largest chain in the convenience-retailing industry with a brand recognized worldwide. As a retail pioneer, 7-Eleven has achieved many c-store “firsts,” like operating 24/7, selling to-go coffee, and offering ATM services.

Nonstop Innovation

7-Eleven introduced the world to the Slurpee®, Big Gulp®, Big Bite® and other ubiquitous products. Over the years as technology continues to redefine how people shop, 7-Eleven has kept pace. In addition to a relentless pursuit of better food products, the chain’s investment in technology and business processes has revolutionized the way their stores operate. 7-Eleven is committed to nonstop innovation and delivering “what customers want, when and where they want it.”

The Challenge

Being open 24/7 is the bedrock of convenience for 7-Eleven’s guests, so asset protection in its stores differs from other retailers; it’s a balancing act to reduce operating costs while increasing inside sales and profitability.

With a small footprint and easy access, 7-Eleven faces problems unique to c-store retailing, like armed robbery, shoplifting and “grab and go”. 7-Eleven sells 8,500+ different products and service selections for people on-the-go.

Many popular items are readily available and can be easily concealed and stolen. Other operational issues include food safety and freshness, tobacco regulations, and fuel related environmental challenges.

The retailer also must ensure store cleanliness and safety to deliver a consistent, positive shopper experience.

"What customers want, when and where they want it"

The Solution

In North America, 1,000 guests come into an average 7-Eleven store each day. To keep pace with its high velocity business, the 7-Eleven Asset Protection (AP) team needed an exception-based reporting system to mine data to support the business and help drive the best real-time operational decisions.

To manage its complex business, AP built a four-pillar strategy focused on revenue assurance, inventory variation control, incidents and investigations, and safety and AP awareness, to improve store performance.

Its program is based on investments in several new innovative technologies:

  • Integrated exception-based reporting and case management systems to fully track incidents
  • Real-time digital video solutions with IP cameras to help keep customers and employees safe, especially at stores in high risk, high crime areas. This cutting-edge technology helps take asset protection to next level by:
    • Capturing events in real-time
    • Tracking and measuring data to understand more about who enters & exits stores
    • Delivering detailed information to share with law enforcement for forensic analysis
    • Providing remote access to measure traffic, shopper dwell time and other customer analytics
  • Fire and intrusion systems, with video maintenance & remote monitoring for building security
  • Intelligent video solutions to help identify robbery offenders by capturing digital information from electronics in their possession during a crime

The Results

Focused on innovation and customers, 7-Eleven engaged the Tyco Retail Solutions team to complete a North America rollout of 5,000 stores within a 9-12 month period while all stores remained open for business 24/7. Results from the digital video system helped drive an uptick in sales and a decrease in shrink. The new 360 cameras and analytics provided a new level of store and shopper intelligence.

Based on a significant growth strategy, including several acquisitions, 7-Eleven is deriving significant value from its integrated approach to protecting stores and improving operations. By leveraging the new integrated digital video platform, the AP team has helped make 7-Eleven safer and more profitable. Each technology improvement contributed to their overall loss prevention program but effectively integrating all these tools has made the program even more powerful. By taking a Big Gulp® of breakthrough technology, 7-Eleven is helping enhance security and store operations to satisfy time-constrained customers.

Click here to download a copy of the 7-Eleven case study.

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