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Data Hungry Retail

Footfall analytics are transforming retail; however, many retailers are still not taking full advantage of this data.

We work with thousands of retailers and mall operators, putting their traffic data to powerful strategic use. In this free report, we explore how retailers can elevate their data-driven decision-making in a number of ways.

Who needs footfall data, and why?

Latest figures suggest that only about half of retailers are using people counting technology of any kind to track shopper traffic. Retailers are missing a trick – footfall data insights present retailers with new opportunities to determine what drives shopper conversion in a rapidly changing industry. In this free ‘data hungry retail’ report, we explore how footfall analytics can help with decisions such as:

  • Labor Optimization and staff planning
  • Maximizing conversions
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Leasing and property decisions
Data Hungry Retail


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