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Innovations in Telecom Retail

Conversion-boosting Innovations in Telecom Retail

Around the world, wireless retailing has entered a new era of innovation. Shoppers now demand tailored experiences across the board, and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ store is yesterday’s news. It’s clear that retailers must tailor telecom formats according to customer need. In our free report, we explore how to optimize labor, adjust store layout, and gauge promotional effectiveness to boost sales.

Wireless retail is evolving and solving customer problems is the key to sales growth. By better aligning store format and increasing on-site interactivity, companies can successfully reduce store costs, ensuring physical outlets continue to deliver value and growth.  In our free report, we discover:

  • How to measure traffic data and act upon clearly-defined trends and shopper behavior patterns
  • The global outlook and in-store challenges faced by the wireless sector
  • How to optimize labor to boost service levels and conversions
  • How to gauge promotional effectiveness


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