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Store Reopening Checklist Guide

Venue Reopening Checklist

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and you prepare for store reopening, Sensormatic Solutions is here to support you through the journey. As your committed partner, we understand the highest priority is the health & safety of your staff and customers and that creating a comfortable shopping experience and environment is paramount. There are also many new business processes to initiate including social distancing guidelines, monitoring store occupancy, and enhancing cleaning — all while still engaging with shoppers and creating your brand experience.

ShopperTrak, a brand of Sensormatic Solutions, is passionate about empowering retailers and businesses and more to collect, visualize and influence their traffic data to help as you reopen in the new retail environment. We’ve developed a holistic view of ideas and solutions for you to consider in this unprecedented time. Our ShopperTrak Store Reopening Checklist Guide covers all the bases including store operations processes, training, customer and staff communications, and much more.


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