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Tyco Retail Solutions congratulates customers 7-Eleven and Big Lots on industry operational excellence awards


Retailers recognized for store performance and innovation in Loss Prevention and Customer Engagement categories

NEUHAUSEN, Switzerland—(February 14, 2018)— Tyco Retail Solutions acknowledges two of its customers, 7-Eleven and Big Lots, on industry recognition for innovative and successful store operational strategies implemented this past year.

Honored with the Retail TouchPoints Store Operations Superstar Awards, 7-Eleven and Big Lots effectively balanced store operations and the shopper journey across customer touchpoints. In today’s environment, in order to be profitable and stay ahead of the competition, retailers must focus on new digital strategies, unified commerce expectations, employee motivation and retention, and a better, overall customer experience to convert shoppers into buyers.

Retail TouchPoints Store Operations Superstars:

  • 7-Eleven was recognized in the Loss Prevention category for successfully completing a new system rollout of 5,000 stores in North America in less than one year, while all stores remained open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 7-Eleven engaged Tyco Retail Solutions to execute against a four-pillar strategy based on revenue assurance, inventory variation control, incidents and investigations, and safety and asset protection awareness to improve store performance and deliver a consistent, positive shopper experience while also investing in multiple innovative solutions:

    • Integrated exception-based reporting and case management systems to fully track incidents
    • Real-time digital video solutions with IP cameras to help keep customers and employees safe
    • Fire and intrusion systems, with video maintenance and remote monitoring for building security
    • Intelligent video solutions to help identify robbery offenders by capturing digital information from electronics in their possession during a crime
  • The winner in the Customer Engagement category, Big Lots, was honored for effectively leveraging business intelligence solutions in order to make data-backed decisions and drive success. With more than 1,420 stores in 47 states, the retailer identified an opportunity to increase sales-per-shopper performance with integrated sales and traffic data on the ShopperTrak analytics platform.
    • Combining various data sets into a single, customizable platform, they were able to easily identify gaps and capitalize on opportunities. Big Lots became heavily focused on optimizing labor with the presence of associates on the floor.
    • Adopting the use of intelligent insights within all levels of the organization through performance scorecards and data dashboards, managers were able to track results and adapt strategies based upon these insights. The business outcomes included highly committed store-level employees who are both results-driven and well equipped to impact store performance.

“Making smart investments in breakthrough technologies is key to the success of store operations and to providing shoppers with a seamless in-store experience. By demonstrating their commitment to innovation and improving the shopper journey, 7-Eleven and Big Lots have earned their spots as influential leaders in the industry,” said Tony D’Onofrio, chief customer officer, Tyco Retail Solutions. “It’s a pleasure to collaborate with retailers that continue to strive for operational excellence, and we look forward to our customers’ future achievements.”

To learn more about these customer award wins and successful store strategies, visit the Retail TouchPoints Store Operations Superstar Awards website and the 7-Eleven Case Study at Tyco Retail Solutions website.


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