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Sensormatic Solutions to Debut VisionWorks at NRF 2021

January 13, 2021


  • VisionWorks provides retailers with new deep learning-based computer vision AI models for unmatched operational insights
  • A component and building block of Sensormatic IQ, an intelligent operating platform for Retail
  • Showcasing at NRF 2021 – Chapter One, Jan. 12-14, 19, 21-22 and within the Sensormatic Innovation Experience

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NEUHAUSEN, Switzerland, January 13, 2021—Johnson Controls, a global leader for smart and sustainable buildings, and the architect of OpenBlue connected solutions, today announced that Sensormatic Solutions, its leading global retail solutions portfolio,will debut it latest offering, VisionWorks, as part of the Sensormatic IQ intelligent operating platform, at NRF 2021.

AI & ML-powered VisionWorks analytics to provide real-time data, insights and reporting

VisionWorks is Sensormatic’s Computer Vision offering designed to deliver retail operational insights based on best-in-class deep learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. VisionWorks is created in partnership with Intel and optimized for retail using Sensormatic Solutions proprietary AI algorithms. VisionWorks can be easily deployed in a Sensormatic Smart Hub appliance leveraging existing camera infrastructure. The new offering provides retailers with easy access to real-time data, prescriptive insights, and reporting in a one-stop, consolidated dashboard.

“VisionWorks is a building block and data source to our intelligent operating platform, Sensormatic IQ, providing new, actionable insights into any retail environment,” said Subramanian Kunchithapatham, vice president of engineering, at Sensormatic Solutions. “VisionWorks modularized architecture enables plug & play of use case specific Vision Agents to adapt to ever-changing needs of retailers. New Vision Agents that target specific retail use cases are continually in development to maximize performance and address unsolved business challenges for retailers.”

Each Vision Agent performs a specific task to solve a real-world retail challenge with more in the works such as customer engagement, associate engagement, loitering, curbside pickup, shelf sweep and shelf replenishment. The following Vision Agents are available right now:

  • Occupancy: helps retailers comply with public health directives without allocating additional staff resources. Using existing camera feeds, this solution features a live occupancy tracker to ensure that store occupancy does not exceed retailer-configured limits.
  • Line Queue / Social Distancing: monitors queuing areas to determine the number of people who are currently waiting in line, as well as the hourly average. An alert is triggered when the number of people waiting exceeds a set threshold.
  • Mask Detection: ensures the safety of shoppers and employees by using store video feeds to detect the use of facial masks within a pre-determined area of the store, as set by local health directives.
  • Audience Measurement: determines the type of customers that enter the store by giving insights into their demographics and approximate mood. Insights are gathered by anonymously categorizing customers that linger in an assigned camera’s field of view for an extended period, measuring gender, relative age, gaze direction and audience sentiment.
  • Traffic: provides insights on traffic patterns and observes the path to purchase of the shoppers located within the store. Retailers can learn about consumer behavior through data on dwell time, lateral customer movement, customer directionality and average traffic counts.

VisionWorks is the latest offering in Sensormatic Solutions integrated portfolio which includes its flagship analytics platforms - TrueVUE Cloud, Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS) and Traffic (STaN). The power of Sensormatic IQ is its combined insights into inventory, shopper behavior, loss and liability, and more, generating the predictive and prescriptive insights needed to Fast Forward Retail.

For more information on VisionWorks, please go to or enter the Sensormatic Innovation Experience, a virtual tour with demos of Sensormatic Solutions latest offerings, which is on display at this year’s virtual NRF 2021.

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