Sensormatic DEEP Study on Food Safety: Revealing Category-Specific Shopper Behavior

  • How confident are consumers about most steps in the food delivery system?
  • Are there specific factors that give shoppers confidence in food safety?
  • Is it true that consumer food safety issues are widespread, with more than half of shoppers having some kind of issue in the past?

These are just a few of the category-specific focus points that were researched in our DEEP Study on Food Safety that was conducted in partnership with Progressive Grocer.

The findings from the survey for this study reveal a variety of buying tendencies and personal preferences, including how shoppers feel about in-store cleanliness, how many shop in physical stores vs. seek out delivery options, and whether shoppers care about reducing food waste. Results are a compilation of answers from more than 1,000 qualified participants who self-identified as a primary grocery shopper in their household, and who also had purchased at least one of the product categories cited in the month prior to when the survey was conducted near to the close of 2021.

This study highlights the following targeted focus areas:

  • Shopper Overview: Shopper demographics, food purchase preferences, general attitude about food safety, and the effect of COVID-19 on personal lifestyle.
  • Purchase Behavior: Products purchased in the month prior to the survey, frequency of purchase, how shoppers prefer to shop, and how shoppers prefer to have their purchases delivered.
  • Category-Specific Shopping Behavior and Preferences: How shoppers prefer to shop for each category, shopping habits compared to before COVID-19, and attitudes about shopping by category.
  • Food Safety: Observed behaviors and perceptions of safety, past experiences with food safety problems, knowledge of food safety systems, and steps grocery stores could take to ensure safety.
  • In-Store Dining: Usage of in-store café/dining room.

The study’s results include:

  • Shopper preferences regarding buying organic
  • What the ranking is for commonly purchased products
  • Scattered variations in frequency of product purchases (including frozen food)
  • Typical purchase method across all perishable product categories
  • Comments from surveyed shopper participants

For a detailed analysis of survey results, download your copy of the Sensormatic DEEP Study on Food Safety now!

masked female shopper examining refrigerated product in retail grocery store

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