Future of Video in Retail Study

Just how are retailers using the ever-growing capabilities of video in their stores? We asked them.

Coresight surveyed over 500 retail executives in February of 2022 for insight into just how retailers are thinking about video and computer vision to enhance the customer experience and drive outcomes that impact their bottom lines. Download the survey and see if your organization is behind, on track or ahead of the curve.

Some of what you’ll get:

  • What are the majority of retailers using video solutions for right now?
  • How many have already implemented AI via video use cases?
  • What barriers are hindering retailers from capturing and analyzing video?
  • What other systems are retailers integrating video analytics with for operational efficiency?

For a detailed analysis of survey results, download your copy of the Sensormatic Future of Video in Retail study now!

video camera in retail grocery aisle with blurred customer and shelves in the background

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