Struggling to keep an eye on loitering? Let Computer Vision help you do the work.

January 31, 2023


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Discover how Computer Vision can help retailers go beyond surveillance for loitering monitoring.

You know loitering is a red flag for potential loss events or safety risks — but do you know how to identify a true loitering event and when to respond? You could have an associate monitor surveillance footage — or you could have Computer Vision help do the work for you.

When you introduce Computer Vision and our Loitering Monitoring analytic to your loss prevention strategy, you gain the ability to:

  • designate regions of interest where loss events and safety issues are likeliest to occur
  • utilize automated analytics that track time in designated regions of interest
  • help identify suspicious loitering from normal shopping behaviors
  • get real-time alerts when a loitering event is occurring
  • ... and more!

Find out more about how Computer Vision can help elevate loitering monitoring and mitigate loss and safety risks.


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