A New Vision for Retail

November 27, 2023


Consumer expectations are always evolving, especially as advances in technology make our lives more convenient. So, for retail to offer a quality experience while also addressing rising costs, escalating security concerns, and shifting consumer sentiments - It helps to look at the whole system a little differently.

After all, it’s really a matter of evolving to address these main areas: quantifying the customer’s journey, improving operational efficiency, and creating a safe and secure shopping environment… and Computer Vision is the key.

The video above showcases how Computer Vision and AI are transforming the way retailers understand consumers in-store shopping behaviors, whether its through heatmapping, measuring shopper engagement or facilitating a safer, more secure retail environment.

When you combine Lenovo’s global scale and turn-key readiness with Sensormatic Solutions’ deep retail expertise and Intel’s hardware-agnostic platform, it truly distinguishes our Computer Vision offerings in the market.

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