White Paper

Responsible Retail is at the Heart of Everything We Do

Our Retail Sustainability Story of Sensormatic Solutions by Johnson Controls

Our sustainability story is rooted in tangible action. Our commitment is not only for our industry, but for the world around us. As more consumers embrace social causes on a widespread global level, it is mission critical for businesses to pursue a sustainability agenda.

Sustainability is a business imperative. Our pledge to retailers and their shoppers is based on our longstanding legacy as a leader on this front. Steadfast since 1966, sustainability has been woven into our processes and facilities, our products, solutions, and services.

Our solutions allow retailers to act on prescriptive, data-driven outcomes and confidently move towards a healthier future – with:

  • Sensormatic IQ
  • Loss Prevention
  • Inventory Intelligence
  • Perishable Product Safety

Sustainability starts within and extends beyond our facilities to our customers by creating an opportunity for retailers to position technology at the core of their own sustainability objectives.

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