Shopper Journey

Blend accurate in-store data to help reinvent the shopper experience

Accurately count store traffic and related conversion to better evaluate the total sales opportunity.

Understanding the shopper journey is a key element of overall shopper behavior. Not only do you want shoppers to come in, you want them to engage, purchase and most importantly enjoy their shopping experience. Our solution leverages people counting devices, Wi-Fi, mobile and video technology helping you understand what is happening inside their retail space.

Today, big data in retail is being used to shape the customer experience, making life easier and more interesting for shoppers. Retailers can build a comprehensive picture of their customers’ movements using people counting devices at store entrances and throughout the store with location-based technologies.

Our Shopper Journey solution is an example of how we use multiple devices and sensor technologies to measure in-store shopper behavior, allowing a retailer to get a more holistic view of in-store insights through a single platform. This enables retailers to make better informed business decisions for a superior shopping experience.

Reliable anti-shoplifting technology
  • Visitor Frequency

    Understand the behaviors that lead new customers to become loyal customers.

  • Draw Rate

    Drive increased sales by optimizing storefront window displays.

  • Path Analysis

    Analyze paths-to-purchase to help improve store layouts and increase profits.

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Go beyond your store with mobility-based intelligence

Sensormatic Solutions in partnership with Unacast is delivering contextualized mobility data to form an in-depth understanding of shopper behaviors beyond the store. Many shopper journeys begin outside the store and knowing where they begin can provide insights to drive predictive analysis at your store. Shopper mobility is a leading indicator for store traffic and understanding movement patterns that can help define tactical and strategic enterprise-wide decisions. Shopper visitation patterns will continue to evolve and connecting in-store traffic, with beyond the store insights, begins to formulate a more accurate shopper view. Leveraging shopper mobility data can enable a new level of awareness to your brand, rival and partner locations.

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Provide an immersive shopper experience with digital display content.

Data is redefining everything from how you interact with shoppers, to how, why and where shoppers make their decisions and purchases. Together with VSBLTY Groupe Technologies, Sensormatic Solutions can help enhance the guest experience with proximity-aware, interactive brand messaging triggered by shopper demographics. Simultaneously, we can reveal enriched, actionable shopper insights you can use to help boost in-store sales through the delivery of context-sensitive, targeted advertising and promotional video content throughout your retail environment.

Learn more about Shopper Views and Shopper Demographics.
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Grow In-Store Sales with Traffic Data

Learn more about Sensormatic’s innovative traffic insights and discover ShopperTrak’s simple matrix system that makes this data immediately available for actionable for growth.

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