Shopper Views & Shopper Demographics

Enhancing the shopper journey with personalized insights

Provide an immersive shopper experience with digital display content

Data is redefining everything from how you interact with shoppers, to how, why and where shoppers make their decisions and purchases. Together with VSBLTY Groupe Technologies, Sensormatic Solutions can help enhance the guest experience with proximity-aware, interactive brand messaging triggered by shopper demographics. Simultaneously, we can reveal enriched, actionable shopper insights you can use to help boost in-store sales through the delivery of context-sensitive, targeted advertising and promotional video content throughout your retail environment.

Store Digitization:
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Shopper Demographics

Accurately knowing more about your guests can help you adapt offers, increase brand impression and attract more people into your store. Sensormatic Solutions Shopper Demographics uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and computer vision techniques to provide relevant insights about who is in your retail space. Our robust key performance indicators (KPIs) on gender, age and sentiment offer insight you can use to help attract shoppers, improve your return on investment (ROI) of your marketing campaigns and increase conversion. Developing shopper personas for your brick-and-mortar stores can also help you adapt the assortment and point-of-sale activity, providing similar insights to your e-commerce and digital platforms.

Reliable anti-shoplifting technology
  • Merchandise and Assortments

    Adapt your assortment and merchandise to different shopper personas.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Understand how your marketing strategy is performing at attracting different shoppers.

  • Shopper Experience

    Define power hours by gender and age, helping improve the customer experience and adapt promotional activity.

Learn more about your shopper behavior with ShopperTrak People Counting.

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Shopper Views

Shopper Views uses edge and cloud-enabled AI, machine learning and computer vision technologies to bring brand messaging to life through targeted digital display content. When combined with a Content Management System (CMS), Shopper Views delivers custom-triggered content leveraging video, proximity-aware sensor technology and anonymized facial analytics to help enhance guest experiences while simultaneously revealing new analytics and actionable insights. By measuring the audience of your digital displays by shopper demographics and sentiment, you can better understand audience engagement with digital display content and analysis of their location in proximity zones, dwell time and degree of interaction.

  • Know Your Shoppers

    Measure audience and shopper engagement with content on digital displays.

  • Targeted Messaging

    Easily deliver high-impact content and messaging while reducing labor and printing costs.

  • Advertising Platform

    Create a media platform to advertise your brand or CPG brands available in your store.

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