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Fitting Room 360°

Connecting with shoppers in the store’s most important conversion zone.

Influence buying decisions and better understand shoppers with real-time, item-level intelligence detail on fitting room experiences.

Modern retailers have access to valuable analytics and insights into virtual shopping cart conversion and abandonment, but often lack similar in-store insights. TrueVUE Fitting Room 360° helps build a digital footprint in your store. RFID-enabled fitting rooms provide real-time data on shopper interaction with merchandise to capitalize on opportunities in this important conversion zone. TrueVUE Fitting Room 360° combines store traffic, real-time RFID-tagged inventory and point-of-sale data to better engage with shoppers and capitalize on opportunities in this important conversion zone. RFID-enabled sensors capture merchandise data to uncover predictive and prescriptive insights in shopper engagement, merchandising, operational efficiencies, loss prevention and staffing needs to create an optimal shopper experience.

  • Maximize Conversion: Enables marketing and cross-selling opportunities on merchandise brought into the fitting room
  • Merchandising Insights: Optimize apparel selections by monitoring items frequently brought into the fitting room together, left behind or not purchased
  • Shopper Experience: Provides item-level visibility into RFID tagged fitting room merchandise to help store associates deliver personalized service
Reliable anti-shoplifting technology

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Why Inventory Visibility Matters

From floor to fitting room, inventory analytics can help retailers maintain a consistent in-stock position on the selling floor to help boost customer satisfaction and drive overall sales.

Learn how RFID-enabled technology helps make inventory visibility across multiple store functions possible.

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