We’re committed to protecting our customers and our brands. That’s why top retailers around the world rely on Tyco Retail and trust our genuine Sensormatic products to help keep shrink low and profits high.

But not all products branded as Sensormatic are authentic.

Genuine Sensormatic products are only sold directly through Tyco Retail Solutions or authorized business partners. In most cases, genuine Sensormatic tags have either the Sensormatic logo or the hand icon logo.

If you are unsure of the authenticity of a product, please contact your local Tyco Retail Solutions representative or send your inquiry to BrandProtection@tycoint.com.

We’re aware there are imitations of our products being sold online — some of which are counterfeit and offered at lower prices compared to genuine Sensormatic products. When our products are counterfeited or purchased through unauthorized channels, it harms our business. Retailers may take on added risk as well by buying products that don’t meet our stringent industry-leading quality, engineering and performance standards and global regulatory approvals. In addition, Sensormatic products are backed by warranties and protected by patents. We have 1,500 patents granted and 900 patents pending.

To protect our customers’ EAS investments, we developed and put into place an active, and successful, brand protection program. By proactively monitoring online marketplaces, auction sites and websites, we’re able to find and eliminate postings for counterfeit goods and goods which infringe our intellectual property rights that could negatively affect our customers. To date, we’ve successfully taken down thousands of online counterfeit listings and videos that show how to defeat our systems. Plus, as part of our domain enforcement efforts, we continue to send Cease & Desist letters and recover domain names which include our SENSORMATIC mark to prevent against unauthorized ecommerce sales. In fact, we seized over 2,000 counterfeit tags and three sets of molds used in counterfeit manufacturing in just one raid.

We take the protection of our Intellectual Property (IP) and our product portfolio seriously and have put into place multiple legal safeguards and policies to protect our brands globally. Tyco Retail Solutions has the expertise, technology and global team necessary to help prevent counterfeit or substitute goods from ending up in retail stores. So if you notice any suspicious websites or any concerning possible counterfeit product listings, please notify your local Tyco team or email us at BrandEnforcement@tycoint.com.

You can also download a PDF of our External Suspicious Brand Activity Report Form, and when you have filled it out, attach it with any other documents and send it to BrandEnforcement@tycoint.com.