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Solutions That Power Accurate Decision-Making Across the Retail Enterprise
Our suite of solutions is designed to turn data into insights and insights into strategic, impactful actions.
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A New Vision for Retail

Sensormatic Solutions is championing computer vision analytics to fast forward retail.

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Loss Prevention and Liability

Our innovative solutions are designed to help retailers protect their merchandise, prevent shrink and fight the threats posed by retail crime—while still delivering a frictionless experience for shoppers. Sensormatic is on the forefront of loss prevention innovation that also delivers greater visibility into shrink and improves operational efficiency.
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Inventory Intelligence

We provide inventory visibility that helps maximize revenue and enables a more personalized and enhanced customer experience. Our Inventory Intelligence solution gives you a heightened, item-level view of your inventory across the enterprise, helping to enable Unified Commerce.

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Secure Retail in the New World

Tactics, tools, and technologies to help retailers protect stores, shoppers, associates — and profits — in retail's new reality

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Shopper Insights

When you understand shopper traffic patterns, you can predict and prepare for them, ultimately getting the most from marketing, merchandising and labor. ShopperTrak traffic analytics enable retailers to deliver stronger customer experiences while helping to increase conversions.
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Data is redefining everything about the retail experience, from how retailers interact with shoppers to how and where consumers make their purchases. Our solutions and tools were designed to help you harness the power of data, inventory and loss prevention and help retailers turn insights into outcomes. We continue to evolve with our customers by innovating and developing cloud and machine learning based IoT solutions that deliver on advanced analytics as well as meaningful and prescriptive insights.
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Sensormatic Innovation Experience

Explore our Sensormatic Innovation Experience. Select your retail segment and get ready to future-proof your daily operations.

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Case Study: Prime Communications
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Case Study: The Magic of Macys